Excellent Surfing Abounds in Panama

If you are into surfing, you will find no place better than the beautiful waters off the coasts of Panama. Surfers are able to enjoy perhaps some of the best surfing breaks in the world right off Panama. Not only are the breaks some of the best, but they are also quite dynamic, featuring beach breaks, point breaks, long peelers and hollow tubes.

The fact that Panama remains largely untouched has also contributed to the popularity of the country as a surfing destination. It has only been in recent years that the fabulous surfing opportunities in Panama have been discovered. As a result, surf fans are able to enjoy fabulous surfing against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Reaching surfing destinations is fairly easy throughout the country due to the good condition of the highway network. You can easily and quickly access the best surf breaks throughout Panama via the extensive four-lane highways that connect the major cities throughout the country. In addition, Panama is also able to offer a quite good transportation system that includes safe and reliable taxis and buses. If you are flying into the country, you can catch your choice of a bus or a taxi directly from the international airport. Taxis are reasonable and even bus transportation will usually not cost more than $15 depending on your exact destination.

While other countries in Central America have developed somewhat of an unsavory reputation for crimes such as muggings, that is not the case with Panama. It is considered to be one of the safest surfing destinations in the world. Visitors can feel completely safe hitting the surf, wandering down the beaches and even heading out onto the streets to shop and dine with no serious safety concerns.

Panama is also easy on the budget. Despite the fact that it is quite modern and offers all of the amenities you might expect, you can easily visit Panama and enjoy excellent surfing without breaking your budget. Depending on your preferred style you can easily dine for between $5 and $15.

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