Volcan is a very up and coming town located at the skirts of the Baru Volcano in the province of Chiriqui. From its peak, located 3,475 meters above sea level, you can see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Volcan is commonly known as Little Switzerland, since many immigrants from this country settled here and built small villas with the architecture typical to their cities of origin.

Real estate in Volcan has rich, fertile soil which is ideal for floral exportation, coffee growing and various other agricultural products. In recent years gourmet and organic coffee produced in the Chiriqui region has fetched record breaking retail prices.

Volcan is the ideal place for the visitor to engage in activities centered around nature, since you can stroll along the river banks, visit the gardens, the flower and exotic fruit plantations, ride horses, hiking, mountain biking, rafting and also observe exotic birds.